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H.P.B (High Precision Balls)

The quality of our balls makes the difference, with a micrometric tolerance to ensure that its movement is perfect, together with an absolute resistance that the maximum speed and strength may be required from the bearing.

H.M.A (High Materials Aleations)

Our chainrings are made with the highest quality and most resistant aluminum created. 88% AL (aluminum), 6% ZN (Zinc), 2.5% MG (Magnesium) and 2% Cu (Copper) these compounds create the optimum resistance and light weight to be able to make any chainring model possible. demand maximum performance.

H.P.M (High Precision Materials)

In our bottom bracket shells, we combine the two previous technologies used in the chainrings and bearings, in order to fully optimize an exclusive product and get the most out of it. We have named this H.P.M, managing to combine the development work of the bearings and the manufacturing quality of the chainrings in order to achieve a perfectly sealed and efficient bottom bracket.

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