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Después de horas de estudio y desarrollo los rodamientos PURE se montan con jaula de Bolas de tipo 2RS, quiere decir que hay doble jaula para garantizar la mejor velocidad de rotación y mayor resistencia


Precision, lightweight, rigidity, and speed – the ultimate pursuit, shared by you and us alike. This relentless drive fuels our daily journey, reflected in every aspect of our top-notch ceramic and high-grade steel bearings. The accolades from our customers, athletes, and the industry affirm our commitment to excellence.

We never compromise on materials, craftsmanship, or performance to meet a price point. No compromises, no lower standards. When you choose Pure, you invest in engineering perfection. It's not just a label, it's a testament to the unparalleled quality we stand for. If it bears the Pure name, rest assured, it embodies the epitome of what's achievable.

Impeccable, Durable, Exact

We exude immense confidence in our product and aspire for you to share the same assurance. Hence, we present an outstanding Incidental Damage Protection and a Factory Limited Warranty. If any issues arise or if our product falls short of your expectations, simply reach out to us. A genuine individual will promptly answer your call, eager to assist. We deeply value your performance investment, never taking it lightly. Our customers are an extension of our family, and this pledge underscores how we're committed to treating you—always.

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